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Why am I not losing weight on keto diet or why have I stopped losing weight on keto? IS that a question you’ve asked before? Well, this video will answer the question – “why am I not losing weight on keto diet. The keto diet (or keto lifestyle as I like to call it) is touted by many as the best way to lose weight. And it definitely is a great way for losing weight keto diet for sure, but at times, that weight loss can stop, weight loss stall / weight loss plateau. Also, some people try keto diet not losing weight or having stopped losing weight on keto. And you ask, why am I not losing weight on keto diet? or why weight loss plateau keto? Well, this video will help you troubleshoot your weight loss problems on keto.

Now I first have to say this is only 5 of the top reasons to answer why am I not losing weight on keto diet / not losing weight on keto diet. There are many, but I believe this is where you should starif you stopped losing weight on keto. From my experience, these are the most common reasons why losing weight keto diet is just not happening. So please let me know what other reasons you think why people on keto diet not losing weight or have stopped losing weight on keto.

Most of the reasons I mention in this video are related to your macros. Macros are the carbs, fats and protein that you consume. It also relates to the calories of the keto food or keto meals you are eating. You need to start out with your checking your carb macros to see if that is why you’re not losing weight keto diet. Once you are sure you are staying below 50g net carbohydrates a day, then look to your fats and protein. A keto diet or keto lifestyle is a high fat, medium protein and low carb diet. It is not high protein. So make sure you are keeping your fats high enough and your protein shouldn’t be excessive or that could be contributing to why you stopped losing weight on keto. You then need to check you the amount of calories you are consuming on a keto diet or keto lifestyle. Calories still matter. Your fats, carbs and protein ratios may be correct but if you’re still eating more than your maintenance caloric level, you will be on a keto diet not losing weight. It may also be why you are on a keto diet stopped losing weight. You lost some weight, your daily caloric requirements decrease, so you may be eating too many calories. So for all of these, I recommend you track your macros with an app such as myfitnesspal (on hone phone and computer). You also need to ensure you’re not eating a sweetener which creates an insulin response or else you also not be losing weight keto diet. Everything else may be in check but sweetener that has maltodextrin in can be the reason you’re asking why am I not losing weight on keto diet. Also, you could try using a different sweetener as everyone’s body reacts differently to sweeteners. And finally, you need to know of the whoosh effect and be patient with it if you’re not losing weight on keto diet. The video explains what this is and why you may have weight loss plateau keto or weight loss stall on keto diet, especially after the first few weeks.

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