Which Version of Keto Reduces Seizures?

Doctors have used nutritional ketosis to improve or completely resolve seizures in children for over 100 years. And multiple studies support the benefits of keto for treating pediatric epilepsy. But do some versions of keto diets work better than others? A new meta-analysis reviews the differences between various versions of ketogenic interventions, from the traditional 4:1 keto diet, to the more flexible modified Atkins diet and many others in between.

Registered dietician and nutritional ketosis expert Beth Zupec-Kania helps evaluate the study, explains the differences between the various forms of nutritional ketosis, and shares when someone may want to choose one over the other.

Table of Contents:
0:00 – Introduction
1:45 – Study Explanation
3:40 – Different Types of Keto
6:50 – Interview with Beth Zupec-Kania
20:50 – Conclusion

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