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I’m sorry in the video I said 23 kg its 24 kg.
In this video I’m sharing some important ideas that will help those who are willing to shed some weight…

Step1: use one of your favorite pic(in which you look slim) as your phone wall paper or lock screen that will motivate you.

Step 2: start your day with lemon squezzed water (without sugar or salt) /apple cider vinegar (1/2 teaspoon mix it with water..) drink plain water through out the day.(3.5_4lit)

Step3: download this below given app. Count your calorie intake
Healthify me application link..


Step4: intermittent fasting (18-6/20-4)will explain in details if you want.

Step5: reduce carbs intake, sugar, oily fud and salt

Step6: try to drink green tea or black coffee after your main meals

Stay motivated

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