Top 15 Keto Protein Smoothie Recipes (That Your Kids Will

Here is a list of my favorite Keto Smoothie and Keto Protein shake recipes that taste delicious, can help you stay in ketosis and assist with your weight-loss goals.

To make the video more fun, I decided to solicit help from my 3 and 6-year old kids. Needless to say, not everything went according to plan.

For the sake of transparency, I should say that I don’t consume a ton of keto shakes and smoothies because I usually don’t eat breakfast. I fast intermittently based on a 16/8 protocol and only have lunch and dinner.

In between, I’m normally not hungry so I don’t have much of a need for snacks and smoothies. However, I enjoy making the occasional exception on weekends, and will sometimes whip up a delicious breakfast shake that I can enjoy with the kids.

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0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Keto Chocolate Smoothie Ingredients
1:21 – Mixing and Blending our Keto Chocolate Smoothie
3:54 – Chocolate Keto Protein Shake Ingredients
4:38 – Mixing and Blending our Chocolate Keto Protein Shake
5:59 – Keto Berry Smoothie Ingredients
6:41 – Mixing and Blending our Keto Berry Smoothie
8:52 – Keto Berry Smoothie Changes
9:25 – Other Recipes to Try

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