Thomas DeLauer | Health and Nutrition Product Recommendations

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Thomas DeLauer | Health and Nutrition Product Recommendations | Spring 2019 (Keto Friendly)…
I made a promise to my fan base, I made a promise to my audience, I made a promise to my viewers, and that’s that I was always going to be up front. So no matter what, I’m just going to be right out there, I’m going to be honest. And a funny thing happens when a channel starts to gain a lot of momentum and it gains a lot of size; it starts demanding that you produce more content, it starts demanding that you create different kinds of content for different subsets of viewers. And the reality is that costs money.

So what I’m doing in this video is laying out my sponsors and being able to actually line them out for you so that you can get a special discount on the products but so that I can also be just totally transparent about the products that I endorse and recommend. And just so that you guys know, when it comes down to ever recommending a sponsor or anything like that, or having a sponsor on my channel, it always goes like this: I find a product at a store, I like it, I try it and I find that it works for me, so I contact them and I find a way to work together. So it’s never a matter of just being approached; it’s always a matter of me finding things that I enjoy. And if I can find a way to support the channel and allow the channel to grow in the process, then that’s awesome.

So the purpose of this video is to lay out my top products for this quarter. So basically what I’ve got in front of me are the top products, and you’re going to have a special discount link down below in the description if you’re watching this video and you’re not getting upset with me for having sponsors on my channel. So it’s kind of my gift for you to be able to say hey, I’m going to have sponsors on my channel, so let’s talk about them.

Okay, so the first one that I want to talk about is Four Sigmatic. Four Sigmatic’s been in a ton of my videos, but the reason that they’re a sponsor this quarter is simply because they’ve got some really cool new products that are coming out in the way of adaptogen. So we’re talking about things that are actually going to stimulate nerve growth factor; things that are actually scientifically proven to help your brain develop more, to help you think clearer and help you get more stuff done. So honestly, they’ve done a tremendous job, they’ve been a huge sponsor to this channel, but they also offer my fans a special discount. So it’s down below in the description.

Okay, the next sponsor that I want to lay out for you is Ujido. Ujido matcha is really phenomenal stuff, 185 year old matcha company, all right? I know the owner very well, I know the company inside and out, and I really appreciate everything that they do in the way of tea science, specifically matcha. They can break down the difference between each and every kind of matcha that’s out there. Believe it or not, there’s more than just one matcha; we’ve got sencha, we’ve got ceremonial grade, we’ve got so many different things.

All right, then we’ve got Chomps. You guys have seen these in Trader Joe’s, you’ve seen them in the grocery store. And that’s the thing: A lot of the products that I talk about are products that are tier one marketed products, meaning they’re products you’re going to see at the grocery store. I don’t do these fly by night products; I work with companies that have proven track records.

Now Chomps is awesome. They’re AIP-friendly, which means that they’re Whole30 approved, which means that they’re non-GMO project verified. Which means that they just don’t have any hidden nasty ingredients in them, okay? That’s why they have been a sponsor on my channel since the very beginning. They have very simple ingredients. We’re talking grass-fed meat, we’re talking simple, pasture-raised turkey. Very, very simple stuff. There’s just nothing crazy about it other than the fact that it’s good quality ingredients.

But as always, thank you for being a part of this channel and thank you for being awesome to our sponsors as well. I’ll see you soon.

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