The Keto Mindset: Creating The Best Headspace For Success –

Have you ever felt like you were stuck at a certain weight (or life in general) and you weren’t sure why? Often we feel like we are doing everything right but still the weight isn’t coming off and we feel plateaued. Sometimes, the issue is not about the “right diet” but about mindset.

When you feel defeated because diets in the past didn’t work or you feel subpar in some areas of your life, it can really take a toll on your health. Not only can your sleep be interrupted, but your overall outlook on life can be skewed by the thoughts rolling around in your mind. It can be hard to know you need to make changes when you feel so confused and not sure how to take that first step.

Thankfully, our podcast guest today is health and mindset coach, Kate Bay Jaramillo. Not only is she an expert on creating a positive mindset, but she’s been through these same struggles herself. From trying low fat diets to eating only cheese all day, she’s tried it all to find that perfect balance of health. From her struggles and many years of education and training, she brings to us her best tips to uncover the mental blocks stopping you and explains how to create the headspace for success.

So, in this episode, Louise and Kate will tell you the following:

→ Kate’s journey to keto
→ Why clients fall of the keto bandwagon
→ Why mindset matters when it comes to eating
→ How to help uncover mental blocks
→ How to mentally prepare to start a ketogenic diet
→ Creating headspace and achieving success

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