Simple Weight Loss Keto Breakfast Ideas

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This low carb Keto diet breakfast meal prep is the perfect way to start the day. Here’s a quick and easy breakfast option for all Keto lovers!

The BEST keto cloud bread recipe is here for you all. This is the perfect no carb bread for a sandwich, also known as oopsie bread or oopsie rolls. This bread requires only few minutes to make.

Bulletproof coffee is a creamy drink that will fuel you with energy. If you’re looking for a keto coffee or just something new to start your day, this drink is for you!

The healthy keto egg omelette is fluffy and flavorful.

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Written Recipes:

Cloud Bread

Eggs 3
Separate Egg Yolk
Beat Egg Whites & Whip Into Stiff Peaks
Beat Egg Yolk
Salt 1 tsp
Grated Cheese 2 TBS
Mix Gently
Bake 300°F | 20 Minutes OR Until Golden Brown

Bulletproof Coffee

1 Cup Hot Water
Coffee 1 tsp
Cream 1 tsp
Coconut Oil 1 tsp
Blend For 2 Minutes

Keto Omelette Sandwich

Egg 2
Salt 1 tsp
Pepper 1 tsp
Butter 2 TBS
Onion 1 TBS
Carrot 1 TBS
Capsicum 1 TBS
Cabbage 2-3 TBS
Fry 2 Minutes
Add Eggs
Turn After Two Minutes
Add 2 Cheese Slices

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