Replacing Potatoes on a Keto Diet

This is just the first part of a series (likely 6-8 videos) where I will be looking at various replacements for potatoes in a ketogenic diet. This first part is a series of taste tests that gave me an idea of what some of these vegetables would be good for and which ones I’m not even going to bother with. You’re welcome to run with any of the ideas I’ve proposed in this video, or you can wait as I continue to experiment and release the rest of the videos in this series.

In this video, I test celeriac, diakon radish, kohlrabi, rutabega, turnip, jicama, and (to a lesser extent) zucchini. I try them raw, French fried in tallow, and dehydrated into chips. What I learned is going to put a lot of “potato” dishes back on the menu, starting with corned beef hash (which will be next video in this series).

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