PKD and the Vegan Keto Diet 18-Month Update, My GFR

In September 2019 I began intermittent fasting. Then in January 2020 I started a vegan keto diet to see if it would help my PKD (polycystic kidney disease). Since making a couple of videos about this I get a ton of questions asking my results. Did the keto diet help my GFR and creatinine levels? So I decided to make a video sharing my results, and answering your questions. I also want to reiterate that I am NOT a doctor! You need to consult YOUR nephrologist to ensure this change is right for your kidney disease stage, and have them monitor your lab work.

0:00 Intro
1:12 GFR & Creatinine 6 months
2:28 Are you still keto? Results?
2:59 GFR & Creatinine 18 Months
3:38 Did keto help reduce your kidney size?
4:05 Is water ok for kidneys?
4:25 What stage PKD are you?
4:35 What was your maximum creatinine level before IF and Keto?
5:05How did you find out you had PKD?
5:16 Will the keto diet help me? Can I avoid dialysis?
6:07 Is the keto diet high in potassium and sodium?
6:26 When did you start showing symptoms? When did the cysts start? How old are you? Would a transplant help?
7:20 Have you ever had Microhematuria?
7:45 Is protein good or bad for PKD? Isn’t keto high protein?
7:59 My macro’s for vegan keto and PKD
8:34 Do you have to do VEGAN keto?
8:58 Have you tried BHB supplements?
9:32 Will yoga/exercise help PKD?
9:59 High blood pressure and PKD?
10:40 Do you have any pain?
11:13 Diet soda, coffee and energy drinks!
12:07 Vegan Keto vs Keto? Which is better?
12:49 What is your cholesterol level?
13:11 Advice on starting vegan keto for PKD and PLD?
14:05 What do you eat?
15:18 Isn’t sodium bad for PKD?
16:10 How much salt do you consume?
17:14 How do you do it? My macro’s. 10g carb myth. Is it worth the restrictive diet?

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