Paleo and Keto Food delivery Services; FRESHLY UNBOXED

This is a review of my 1st order from FRESHLY
Overall, I rate this service a B-, because 1/2 of the order had melted at one time and the food slid together and became visually indistinguishable. Portions I thought were small, however customer service was execellent

Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program teaches the PALEO lifestyle. We are a 100% virtual program . The core difference between us and other programs is:

1) A focus on “What is eating you?” ~vs~ “What you are eating”? Thus, we have a MIND, BODY, SPIRIT approach to wellness and weight loss

2) Hands on virtual coaching

3) A back to nature philosophy and specific instructions on how to internally detoxify your body safely, in the privacy of your home. We use ancient herbs, liquid vitamins, and minerals. Our team members look healthy, feel healthy and retain muscle mass as weight is released.

4) 90% of all team members release 10 lbs+ during the first 14 days

Michelle Edmonds, PSY M.A., M.ED.
Author/Life Coach/Nutritionist

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