My Keto + Fasting Transformation & Why I Started this

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My Keto + Fasting Transformation & Why I Started this Channel – Thomas DeLauer

Time for me to get a little bit more personal with you. I mean, you’ve seen a lot of my content, you might know some of my story, you might not. You might just think that I’m some guy on the internet that preaches a bunch of health advice, and talks about keto, and talks about fasting. Some of you that have been with me from inception of this channel know my story. You guys know my background, but I also recognize that this channel’s growing fast, and a lot of people that joined this channel later on might not know what I’ve been through. They might not know that I weighed 280 pounds at one point. They might not know that I have a healthcare admin background. That might not know why I got into this in the first place.

You see before I ever had any aspirations of doing anything on YouTube, or do anything on the internet really, I was somewhat of a regular guy. I mean, I was an athlete in high school. I was an athlete in school in general. I played rugby. I ran cross-country. I was a pretty in-shape person. You see, once I got out of school, life sort of took over, career, finance, everything like that. It all just became much more important than staying in shape. I had different priorities. See, I actually met my wife in high school. I’ve been with my wife for a very long time. Been with her since she was 14-years-old, and I was 16-years-old. Being with my wife for such a long period of time, I’m able to reflect back and recognize on so many different changes that I’ve made. My focus after getting out of school, after playing sports, was really on providing for my family, and doing the best that I could to achieve success in my career, achieve success for my family, a whole different idea of success. It had nothing to do with nutrition.

I got into the world of healthcare. A long story short, I was an executive recruiter, and a physician recruiter for a period different. Then I went into the lab services industry. I managed a lot of physicians in the world of ancillary lab services, meaning what I did is I provided lab services to physicians. What I did, is I was able to provide physicians with the ability to do like salivary cortisol testing, way back before it was popular. I was able to provide other what are called ancillary lab services to concierge physicians.

If you actually know my story, and you know my history, you know my medical background, then you know that that’s not the case. I talk about this stuff because I know it works. I talk this stuff because I know it helps people. Man, and when I go to the airport, or when I go to events, and I go on the street, and I go to a coffee shops, and people approach me, and tell me that they’ve lost 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200, 300 pounds, utilizing the advice that I put there on the internet, that’s what makes doing what I do worthwhile.

To be able to reach a million subscribers is just this first milestone to know that I’m able to make an impact utilizing what I learned through my own experience. You might be wondering, “Does Thomas follow a ketogenic diet today? Does Thomas follow an intermittent fasting protocol today?” Well guess what? I do, and I don’t, because I utilize what works for me at a given point in time. Sometimes I’m keto, sometimes I’m not, why? Because I’m fat-adapted. I’m keto-adapted now. I don’t always have to be on a ketogenic diet, because I know that my mitochondria, my body is working in a fat-adapted state. Yes, all the different health gurus out there, the fitness gurus are going to come out there, and they’re going to hate on that, and they’re going to say, “There’s no such thing as fat-adaptation, and it’s calories in, calories out,” okay, who cares? I know how my body is working now. I’m sharing that with you guys.

I encourage every single person here that is changing their life, or has made any kind of change in their physical appearance, to look at it the same way. That is just a small chunk of your life. What you are living in right now, what you are consuming right now, the choice that you make this very second is what defines who you are this very second. Thank you all for helping me reach one million subscribers. This is going to be a ultimate channel for performance, nutrition, everything you could possibly need, whether it’s keto, fasting, or you name it. I’m always going to be here for you. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thank you again. To one million more, and then two million more, and so on and so forth. See you soon.

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