My FIRST KETO haul!! | Walmart grocery pickup

I am trying out the keto diet. I need to make healthier life choices for me. I’ve tried so many diets, but never keto. I’m really hoping this works.

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MORE KID lunches:

I’ve been making lunches for years now! When I first started uploading videos to YouTube I had no idea anyone else was interested in lunches. Making Bento styled lunches for kids has been so fun. I get my inspiration for the lunches from Pinterest sometimes but mostly from my love of playing with food. Good has shafts looked like something else to me. A cookie could be a bear or a carrot could be a pencil. Sometimes I start making a lunch with no plan and I’m still amazed at the end result. How did I even create that cute lunch! If you are interested in making fun lunches for kids I highly suggest just playing around with your food. Bento boxes make it easy. No matter what you put into each spot the end result always looks cute. Adding decorations just brings it up to excellence.

Frequently asked questions:
1)How old is Bella: She just turned 10!
2)Are you married: Nope, happily divorced
3)Where do you live: South Dakota
4)What do you do with the crusts of the bread: Eat them
5)Do you have any other children: no
6)Why are you still using lunch boxes if she’s eating at home: It’s fun.
We have them might as well use them. It’s less dishes to wash. We like them. The world is crazy so lunches should be fun.
7)Is Bella in speech?: Yes
8)Are you a single mom: Yup 🙂 Why? Do you know my future husband???

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