Keto vs Carnivore Diet for Weight Loss, Which Wins?

The search for the ultimate weight loss approach has become the holy grail. The one who cracks this code will greatly improve the lives of a tremendous many.

One popular answer seems to be ketogenic diets. They’ve have been all the rage over the last decade. Used for treating a slew of mental health issues back in 20s and 30s these diets became widely popular for cognitive performance enhancements and exploded as the go-to for weight loss earlier this decade.

Along with this movement we’ve seen a fast forward to the earlier part of 2019 and we’ve really seen an insurgence and popularity of the Carnivore Diet. It’s promising a whole slew of health benefits, reducing inflammation, auto-immune diseases and weight loss.

Of these two vids which will win? In this vid we do a comparison to go over the two and discuss how the specifically impact the benefits of health.

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