Keto Ramen / Spaghetti

This recipe uses a molecular gastronomy technique called “spherification”, but instead of making little jelly spheres, we’ll be making noodles. These noodles have a texture so close to ramen or spaghetti that you will never buy shirataki noodles ever again.

I used to use this technique to make fruit juice caviar, back when I was pre-keto, but was reminded of the technique by Ann at Keto Asian Flavours. I encourage you to check out her channel.

Keto Asian Flavors version:

0:00 Intro & Food Science
2:27 The Recipe
5:05 The Taste Test and Serving Suggestions

Printable recipe with macros:

Ingredients from Modernist Pantry:
Sodium alginate:
Calcium lactate:
Perfected xanthan gum:
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Calcium lactate (small packet):
Calcium lactate (big packet):
Perfected xanthan gum (small packet):
Perfected xanthan gum (big packet):
Blendtec blender:
Squeeze condiment bottles:

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