Keto Muhalabia

Muhalabia is one of the delicious Arabian desserts. Its a milk pudding which tastes heavenly and has a silky smooth texture.
In this video I have made this Muhalabia in Keto version which tastes absolutely equal to the original recipe. This Keto Muhalabia can be enjoyed by every one including the Keto folks .

Ingredients to make this Keto Muhalabia :

* Full fat cooking cream ____ 1 cup
* water to dilute cream ______ 1 cup
* Sweetener( Stevia) _________ 12 cup
* Agar Agar ____________ 4 grams
* water to soak Agar ______ 1 cup

For toppings
* Keto friendly fruits
(Raspberry, Blueberry )
* Pistachios _____ according to your wish

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