Keto Dick: The typical keto weight loss schedule and what

Weight loss is almost never linear, and ketogenic diets are no exception. Week 1-2 often sees dramatic weight loss that is almost always water weight as the body consumes its reserved glycogen. Weeks 2-4 are often a stall, as people’s bodies transition to a new fuel source, their guy biome changes and they go through withdrawal from carb and sugar restriction. Week 4 and on, people are relative fat adapted and running off ketones for fuel, and the weight that they lose tends to be nearly purely body fat. This is the stage where hunger becomes self regulating and many people find diet adherence to be much easier and calorie deficits become almost automatic. Many people report not getting hungry at all or barely being able to finish normal sized meals once they reach this important stage.

Simple, basic, beginner, clear information about the ketogenic diet, and how the keto lifestyle can help with your blood pressure, blood sugar, diabetes, weight, brain functions and other benefits you may have heard of from someone who’s not trying to sell you anything.

I am not a certified medical professional, please consult your doctor before implementing any lifestyle changes.

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