Keto 103 │ How To Get Your Keto Journey Started

Here is video 3 of my Keto 101 series. This video discusses your plan to get your keto journey started. Follow these simple steps and stay tuned for the next video!

Step 1: Forget what you’ve learned in the past and embrace fat. Tune out the noise from other people’s opinions on what is best for you!
Step 2: Remove all temptations from your fridge and pantry. Set yourself up for success.
Step 3: Do your own research on the ketogenic way of life. Learn as much as you can and own it!
Step 4: Make a meal plan and be prepared. Planning is key for success!
Step 5: Do it yourself! Don’t let anyone do the work for you.
Step 6: You need a support system whether it be friends, family, or an online community like my channel.
Step 7: Stop saying “I can’t” and making excuses. You either with find an excuse or you’ll find a way to get it done!
Step 8: Find a good keto cookbook and recipes to keep you going!
Step 9: Calculate your macros! Track everything that goes into your mouth. This is how you’ll know how much to eat!
Step 10: Trust the process! It’s a journey. Follow the keto way of life and you’ll get to your goal!

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