Intermittent and extended fasting with keto diet

In this video we discuss intermittent and extended fasting with the keto diet as a means to maintain one’s weight in a set range. The many health benefits of extended fasting are explored. We also look at my day by day progress through an actual 5 day fast and I pass on tips for surviving an extended fast. I record some important body vital metrics over the duration of the fast and summarise these in a table at the end of the extended fast. I measured the effect of fasting on my weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, girth on my waist, fat % of my body, heart rate resting and during exercise and some other metrics.

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In the this video diary of my 5 day fast I discuss important topics related to how the keto diet and fasting affect you body and what to expect on the keto diet in terms of weight loss and your bodies response in terms of key vital body metrics.

Video Chapters time stamps
Here are some time stamps for browsing the content of this video:
00:00 Beginning
01:40 Fasting research and medical advice is essential before fasting
02:11 The benefits of fasting
04:25 The effect of fasting on cancer
05:21 Dairy entry and tip for day 1 of 5 day fast
07:06 Dairy entry and tip for day 2 of 5 day fast
08:17 Dairy entry and tip for day 3 of 5 day fast
09:22 Dairy entry and tip for day 4 of 5 day fast
10:41 Dairy entry and tip for day 5 of 5 day fast
10:51 How to end or break an extended fast
12:12 Summary table of my vital signs measured during during my 5 day fast
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