How to Drink more water

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So think about it like this, take whatever you weigh and cut it in half, and that’s approximately how much water you should be drinking in ounces. This is twenty ounces, so you would need five water bottles. If you start in the morning, you have one before breakfast, you have one mid morning, you have one for lunch, and then you stop a couple hours before bed.

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Points to Ponder

00:48 Power of Dopamine and Endorphins
01:54 A bonus tip for bad days
03:08 The visual was only a guide
03:19 Everybody should be drinking water
03:47 How much water you should drink
03:59 Check the color of your urine
04:54 This is the visual
06:23 Water is important
07:13 Some helpful tips
08:08 Figure it out, reward yourself
08:29 Eight ounces is one cup
08:56 24 HR REBOOT
09:27 60 HR REBOOT
10:16 Why do we need to FAST
11:02 A found pound thing of fat
11:38 A visual reminder
12:22 Some helpful tips for eating
12:48 Factors with fat loss
13:15 Tips for stress management
13:33 Do not compare
15:28 The Seven Decisions by Andy Andrews
15:35 Blaming

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