Eating Out on Keto

A lot of people think living a keto lifestyle means giving up the things you love, not being able to eat out, making sacrifices that will simply make you miserable. These couldn’t be further from the truth, take it from me.
As someone who has benefitted in so many ways from a ketogenic diet over the years, I can testify that it is not life changing in all the wrong ways, it’s life changing in the right ways and simply requires some adjustments but by no means making life miserable. Quite the opposite in fact.
In the following video I hope to encourage you that living the keto life doesn’t mean giving up what you enjoy. You can still go out to your favorite restaurants and still eat your favorite foods BUT you do have to make changes. Now, don’t be alarmed, these are easy and providing your favorite restaurant, or any restaurant for that matter, is able to meet your requirements (and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, remember, you’re the one paying!), then you can enjoy a night out, or a business lunch, or breakfast and coffee with friends as normal.
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