Cheesy Pizza Bites

Keto Cheesy Pizza Sticks
Keto Cheesy Pizza Sticks – Your favorite pizza in a bite-sized form. Made within 30-minutes these are pure joy.
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1. 1 – Medium-sized Pizza Base
2. 1/2 cup Pizza Sauce
3. 1/2 Cup Mozzarella Cheese
4. 1/4 Cup Corn (fresh or frozen)
5. 1 handful black olives
6. 1 handful Jalapenos (sliced)
7. 1-Medium-sized Red Onion
8. 4-5 Garlic Cloves (minced)
9. 2-3 Tbsp Parmesan Cheese
10. 4-5 Fresh Basil
11. 2 Tbsp Italian Seasoning
12. 1 Tsp Red Chili Flakes

How to Make Cheesy Pizza Sticks
1. You can either use a store-bought pizza base or make pizza dough at home. (see this recipe:
Flatten it out with a rolling pin or your hands and cut into 2-inch long strips with a 1-inch width.
2. Either use store-bought pizza sauce or make pizza sauce at home. (see this recipe:
3. Once you’ve applied the pizza sauce on your pizza sticks, top it with Mozzarella Cheese, minced garlic, chopped red onions, corn, olives, and jalapenos.
Sprinkle some more Mozzarella and some Parmesan cheese on the top.
4. Bake the pizza sticks in a preheated oven at 400F or 200C for 15 minutes or until the top turns slightly brownish.
5. Season your pizza sticks with Italian seasoning.
6. Garnish them with fresh basil and red chili flakes.
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