Cancer Nutrition & Diet: What Should I Eat? (And Do

In this segment, Dr. Donald Abrams a leading integrative oncologist at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at UC San Francisco (UCSF) leads us through topics across nutrition in cancer:

* Food recommendations
* Whether there is such a thing as a good cancer diet: ketogenic, vegan, etc.
* What foods are good for inflammation?
* Not a fan of dairy or eggs
* The problem with sugar

Dr. Donald Abrams’ Recommendations on Resources
American Institute for Cancer Research: @American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)
World Cancer Research Fund: @world cancer research fund
UCSF : @UC San Francisco (UCSF) @UCSFMedicalCenter

In this Series: Our 3-part series with Dr. Donald Abrams covers a wide range of integrative or holistic cancer care:
Segment 1 (this video): Nutrition and foods
Segment 2: Natural supplements, medicinal mushrooms, cannabis :
Segment 3: Mind, Body, Spirit Practices (Meditation, Yoga/Physical Activity, Eastern Medicine)

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The interview has only been edited for clarity.

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Contents of this video:
00:00 – Intro
02:17 – General guidance on nutrition and diet
12:24 – Good food for oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer

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