4 MONTH KETO DIET UPDATE: weight gain on ketogenic diet

4 MONTH KETO DIET UPDATE: weight gain on ketogenic diet and how to move past it

In this video I will be talking about how the past four months of the keto diet has gone and what has been my big wins and struggles in the past month. I have been on a major weight loss journey/lifestyle change but ended my month with weight gain this month

Is has been the hardest journey I have done in quite some time but I am so proud of the mental state I have reached and the positivity I have surrounding my future when it comes to mental and physical health.

If there are additional details you would like to know please comment below and I will be happy to answer those for you.

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I do want to share that I am not a medical professional and to please complete your own research and contact your doctor if you are looking to adapt your diet. What I am sharing is strictly my experience

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